The education and awareness of a community is a light that can lead to attitude, prosperity, order and comfort and Access to justice. Passage across the poverty line, misery and disaster, human disasters, internal political stability and the consolidation of international relations are issues that can only be achieved through education, knowledge and awareness. The Azhar Higher Education Institute (AHEI) is the brainchild of Dr. Said Abubakr Muttaqi, who envisioned a higher-learning institution that offers intensive undergraduate and graduate programs. AHEI’s journey began in 2010 with the launch of BA in Law and political Science Graduate courses in its 6 rooms campus. In 2014, after just 4 years, College of Education was also launched. The AHEI now has 4 colleges offering accredited degree programs: College of Islamic Studies (Sharia), College of Law & Political Science, College of Economics and College of Education. AHEI History and Development The AHEI introduced its Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies (BAIS) program based on a modified curriculum derived from the Islamic University of Al-Azhar in Egypt. This initiative utilizes advanced university level education accessible to all Afghans from across the country. Now AHEI is ranked as one of the top private universities in Afghanistan.


AHEI has been exceptionally renowned as the major center for theological, general, legal, economic and Educational science studies. The AHEI addresses the needs of local and students, facilitating them with a broad spectrum of undergraduate studies and postgraduate research and teaching. In this way, the AHEI seeks to promote understanding of the rich cultural diversity of humankind in order to prepare students to go forth with wisdom, skills, and knowledge to serve and advance the communities in which they live and work. The main objective for establishing AHEI is "to provide for instruction in spirituality and other fields of Islamic Studies and comparative jurisprudence ". AHEI is an institution which is rightly considered one of the greatest contributions of the academics of Afghanistan. Its main activities in the fields of higher education. During one decade of its existence the AHEI has served its people, and its former students and teachers have greatly contributed to the development of certainty, cultural, educational, political and economic life of our country. The AHEI is prepared to maintain and enhance its position as the leading institution of higher education in the region by adapting to the challenges of modern times on one hand, and preserving what's worth in its tradition on the other. This is precisely what makes it recognized as a true national brand.