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Centers Activities Scientific

centers activities scientific, cultural and social which contains the Department of the following:

1 – translation Center interpretation Quran local language and international.

2- Center prepare workshops in order to set conferences scientific  joy religious and cultural.

  • Center print, publishing distribution book religious subject, investigation topics
  • 4- Center respectively and agreeing  the program audio such as radio Tv
  • Center of language teaching Arabic.

6 – The Center of language teaching English.

7 – The Center of teaching computer.

8- Center prepare scholars mosques high international them to other Muslim countries in order to learn of religious transfer  their country non-Islamic in order to promote and invite

9- research topics scientific, religious studies, fatwa and compotation between different sick.

And Institute of human charity  of Azhar Sharif in the year (1388) in the Ministry of respected economy and the Ministry of respected women registered

included the following activities is:

1 – give charity to white out shelter human

2 – create courses for fade illiteracy among youth boys and girls.

3 – create opportunities employment work for widows jobless

4 –create a lot of course sewing and handsewing

5 – opening of course education center girls in order to learn professional and craft useful like design , cooking, etc..