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                      International Institutions of Azhar Higher Education

It start between the (1386 to 1390)  (2007. to 2011) by Dr. Syed Abubakr mottaghi son of Syed Ahmed Khan in order to goals following established in the Ministry of higher education, education, economy, Hajj and religious affairs and women Islamic Republic of Afghanistan registration was

The first: goals of Institute:

1 – General the culture SAKAFT Islamic in order to refinement ethics between individuals.

2 – Services cultural, SAKAFT and educative for people.

3 – information religious, news related to Muslims area world at the earliest opportunity and get solutions for the problems of Muslims in the National and international given facilities reserved involved.

4 – Press details and research scientific and it for people moment to moment they information changes Scientific in the world.

5 – Promote Press SAKAFAT culture Holy Quran and maintain it by children and youth and result of all people

6 – print, publishing distribution epistles scientific books religious to National language and international between individuals.

7 – advertise  concepts correct Islam for people in general and for girls and boys youth in particular.

8 – prepare youth for talks, debate.with the those who the destruction of Islam’s action drawn.

9 – publishing and play Islamic movies, history, education in order to obtain information to better shape, better, faster and easier.

10- create circles lessons religious to prepare invite  to reply to doubts understanding of those who against Islam’s  and advertising abuse and acting to bad name build or publication ethics bad and ideas corrupt drawn.

11 – relationship between Muslims in the National level and international.

12- encourage young people, men and women in order to participate in applied charitable activities cultural among people to know cholera culture them in the issues of religious and guide them for contribution  البینی.

13 – publishing news, magazines and newspapers weekly, monthly yearly

14 – the realization other goals  in the statute of institutions any insert been.

2: types of institutions any activity following do:

 A: academic center of the Holy Quran Zahra in the year (1388) in the Ministry of Haj and endowment for children and youth both male and female registered was in the Academy themes following the teaching are:

1 – By heard the Holy Quran teaching and interpretation

2 – Teaching Arabic with grammar rules

3 – Teaching interpretation of the Holy Quran science it.

4 – Teaching Hdis of prophet science it.

5 – Teaching jurisconsult Islamic.

6 – Teaching jurisconsult right ways

7 – Teaching character prophetic.

B. high school excellent private school Zahra in the year (1386) in the Ministry of education registered was and included following steps:

first: preparation “kindergarten” includes classes follows:

1 – Forefront (kg1)

2 – Class II (kg2).

3 – Class third (kg3).

Second: round primary.

Third: high school.

 Fourth: period high school

  • Zahra private high school ., such as Mhad private high school was installer the addition of curriculum education Afghanistan includes themes by heard Quran law, computer, Arabic  language, English. Quran jurisconsult that graduates students also be able read and jurisconsult


C: Zahra private Institute teacher training in (1386) in the Ministry of  education registered

Department of the following

1 – Department jurisprudence Islamic

2 – Department of teaching SAKAFT Islamic.

3 – Department of Arabic.

4 – Department of English.

5 – Department of Dari.

6 – Ah Department Pashto.

7 – Department of chemistry.

8 – Department of physics.

9 – Department of biologics

10 – Department of history.

11 – Department of geography

D– Institute of higher education in(1390) in the Ministry of  higher education, registered included faculty of the following is:

  • faculty of law science political, including the Department of the following

2:Department of judiciary

3: Department of administrative political

4: Department of personal status.

5:Department of special law of – Department of law general

2:faculty of education that includes the Department of the following:

1: Department of religious

2 – Department of Arabic.

3- Department of mathematics

4- Department of computer science

5 – Department dari

3 – Faculty Shariyat which has Department of follows:

1: Department of law and the law

2: education Islamic

3: opinion and philosophy of de –

4: Hdis and interpretation of Sakafat Islamic

5 invited Islamic

 4 – Faculty of economics, including departments follows:

1: Islamic banking

2: National economy

3: office enterprises

4: finance and banking

5:statistics and اکونومتری

E: centers activities scientific, cultural and social which contains the Department of the following:

1 – translation Center interpretation Quran local language and international.

2- Center prepare workshops in order to set conferences scientific  joy religious and cultural.

  • Center print, publishing distribution book religious subject, investigation topics
  • 4- Center respectively and agreeing  the program audio such as radio Tv
  • Center of language teaching Arabic.

6 – The Center of language teaching English.

7 – The Center of teaching computer.

8- Center prepare scholars mosques high international them to other Muslim countries in order to learn of religious transfer  their country non-Islamic in order to promote and invite

9- research topics scientific, religious studies, fatwa and compotation between different sick.

And Institute of human charity  of Azhar Sharif in the year (1388) in the Ministry of respected economy and the Ministry of respected women registered

included the following activities is:

1 – give charity to white out shelter human

2 – create courses for fade illiteracy among youth boys and girls.

3 – create opportunities employment work for widows jobless

4 –create a lot of course sewing and handsewing

5 – opening of course education center girls in order to learn professional and craft useful like design , cooking, etc..