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Institute of Higher Education

Institute of Higher Education in(1390) in the Ministry of  higher education, registered included faculty of the following is:

faculty of law science political, including the Department of the following:

  1. Department of judiciary
  2. Department of administrative political
  3. Department of personal status.
  4. Department of special law of – Department of law general

faculty of education that includes the Department of the following:

  1.  Department of religious
  2.  Department of Arabic.
  3.  Department of mathematics
  4.  Department of computer science
  5.  Department dari

 Faculty Shariyat which has Department of follows:

  1. Department of law and the law
  2. Education Islamic
  3. Opinion and philosophy of de –
  4. Hdis and interpretation of Saqafat Islamic
  5. Invited Islamic

 Faculty of economics, including departments follows:

  1. Islamic banking
  2. National economy
  3. Office enterprises
  4. finance and banking
  5. statistics and اکونومتری